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January 09, 2007


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Where and when did we, the design/writing community, start using "creative" as a noun? You barely allude to how annoying it is (even if it has become somewhat useful), but I suspect that at one time, you cringed when you heard some aspect of a project or someone generating that aspect called "the creative"... Am I right?

I check in with your blog daily. Thanks for the thoughts!

Neil--I agree, "creative" as a noun is galling. But I've learned to choose my battles, and that one was lost long ago. What bothered me in this instance (and in many, many others) was the assumption that only visual output is "creative," and that writing is simply a fancy form of typing.

Grr. What ever happened to examining what the site is supposed to achieve, and building it from that? We'd do that for any other investment of corporate resources. Designing the look first is just wrong in so many ways.

This is an old fight; prose is forever being overlooked in favor of whatever is hot right now. When I was magazine editor, I used to have to fight with art directors about making the type *legible*. They thought green on yellow would an artistic smash.

It's like everyone has to make the same discovery every ten years -- it's the words, stupid.

It's like they say -- the news is the same every day; it just happens to different people.

So the words or "text" is the hamburger helper to extend the value of the visuals?

I'm with Neil, your postings always get the blood moving...which by the way is much needed during these Iowa winters.

Thanks Nancy!

Keep creating,

This post really hit home for me (especially the part about copywriters not being considered "creative." Fortunately most of the art directors with whom I work realize we need to come to agreement on a concept and navigation before they can go off and dream up a lovely layout.

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