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January 26, 2007


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In 1997, Nike released a women's running shoe called the Incubus.

Wow, that shows what they know. The incubus is the *male* sex-demon that visits in your sleep. The female version is the succubus.

They decided to recall 38,000 pairs of them after somebody looked in a dictionary.

The name may well be why the shoes are now at Sierra Trading Post! A woman's driving shoe named "Nervous"! Someone took their road rage to the naming meeting. It's amazing such clearly crazy name choices even get past the design stage, let alone all the way through production and to market. The job I've always wanted is naming lipstick colors.

TwirlGirl--I agree, naming cosmetics sounds like oodles of fun. (Are you familiar with the Nars blush color "Orgasm"?) The closest I ever got was a fragrance-naming assignment for a mass-market retailer. The fragrance hadn't yet been developed; we were naming only the concept. Interesting stuff!

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