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January 11, 2007


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Very funny post! I looked at the Mochila Web site (we still spell it "Web site" at my company) and it was every bit as amusing and appalling as you indicated. Questions: When did "Web site" evolve into "website"? Does anyone else still spell it "Web site," or is my company's standard pathetically outdated? And do you think that Cooking Light magazine's use of "extravirgin olive oil" will catch on, as well?

Margy--Re: spelling, it's still in flux, but a couple of years ago Wired magazine decreed that "internet" and "web" would henceforth be lower case except in headlines. (And presumably in usages like Web 2.0, which wasn't even a gleam in the Wired eye back in aught-four.) I've seen enough instances of "website" as one word to feel OK about using it. But "extravirgin"? Ithinknot.

Yeah, "extravirgin" creeps me out, too. I don't know what Cooking Light has against the poor little hyphen. It does have its uses.

Is there a particular source you recommend for staying on top of English language trends?

Margy--No single source. I rely on the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), the AP Stylebook, and various other references. And I try to pay attention when self-appointed arbiters like Wired pass down decisions.

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