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December 01, 2006


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I grew up very near an early 70's development with the strangely self-cancelling moniker "Hill Valley". Of course, since we were in flat-as-a-pancake Indianapolis, maybe it was pretty descriptive after all!

Well, they have named the condos across from my house "Temescal Station" - I suppose to recognize both the location and the fact that back in the day, when the train system was in use, the tracks went up Shafter. Not sure I would want to live in a station, though - it seems like a temporary stop, not a permanent place to live.

The rule seems to be: name the real-estate development after the geographical, botanical, cultural, or biological feature that was destroyed to make the development possible. E.g.: Partridge Meadows--meadows were bulldozed, partridge lost habitat, 120 "custom homes" now on the market.

What's Italian for Christmas tree? Albero da Natale? No, no, Zuccone is more lyrical. But Villa? A country estate? A rural or suburban residence? That place doesn't suggest villa to me at all.

I grew up in a subdivision that went by the name Melody Homes. As a young and as yet literal-minded lad, I quizzed my mother on why it had that name, and she made a valiant effort to invent some sort of melodious antecedent. It was a real stretch, because because these homes were sitting on bulldozed prairie, so the eternal burbling brooks or sighing pines (for example) weren't an option. I believe she settled on insects.

Looks like they were listening. I went to the website for "the Piedmont" and now it it "Il Piemonte." I hope you are getting a cut!

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