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December 28, 2006


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I really like your suggestion at the end of this post.

Taking a break from "the Two Guys" model seems to me to be taking a break from a "finite game" model.

Ellen's commercial is more about a human "winking" at a funny outcome associated with human aspirations.

Have you read the book, "Finite and Infinite Games" by James P. Carse?

Thanks for "stirring the pot"!

Hear, hear! Why DO they always ignore 51% of the population? I say WE make a better commercial - aimed at the gals, and put it on YouTube. Are you game? You can be the PC gal. "Barbie" can be the MAC. In all honesty, it is a shame that women get ignored, since we are now responsible for more electronic purchases than ever before. Do you know the Ask Patty site? If not, hop over - you'll love it: www.askpatty.com

Great challenge, Yvonne! Anyone else out there want to play? I *do* know about AskPatty--automotive advice by and for women--and agree that it's a terrific site. As for "Finite and Infinite Games"--no, I hadn't heard about it and am glad you brought it to my attention, Mike. It looks fascinating. I'm heading over to the library to check it out.

Reading your odd couples list reminded me of the esurance commercials - cartoon character drawings of a very cool woman who doesn't need paper to a man who is at a "standard" sort of insurance company.

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