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November 09, 2006


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You went to high school with David Brin!!! Very cool. He is a favorite of mine.

Remember a book called "Less Than Words Can Say"? Kathy's piece reminded me of the many funny examples contained there.

Thanks for the first six words...and all that came afterwards.

Great post.

Mike--I'd never heard of "Less Than Words Can Say," but after seeing your comment I knew I had to read it, so I dashed over to Amazon. I was just about to buy the book when I read a comment about its distractingly bad typography--a real shame in a book about language. But there's hope! The entire text is available online and gratis here: http://www.sourcetext.com/grammarian/index.html
Thanks for the great tip!

And Nancy...thanks for the link!

Always amazing to see how rich the rewards are for those who seek on the Internet!

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