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November 22, 2006


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Thanks to you too Nancy!

I hope you have a great end to your year and find that 2007 is even more lively, creative and interesting than 2006.

All the best,

Hey, thanks for the shout-out.

>I love Thanksgiving [...] just food and fellowship and then dessert.

Hear, hear. Easily the best holiday we have. And there are _so many_ things to be thankful for, all year long ...

Thanks for the thanks! (I too am full of thanks to the blogosphere - and you!... somehow I left out that fact on my own thank-you post. I *knew* I was going to forget something important.)

The thing I am most thankful for (regarding blogs) is that there are so many different viewpoints and they are for the most part entirely relevant, coherent, and interesting. Who would've thought naming and branding would have so many different practitioners with so many fascinating things to say?

Have a great holiday!

Big smile in Iowa from one who is thankful for you, your words...the order you put them in, and your generous spirit.

Make some good memories this Thanksgiving,

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for the daily nourishment and inspiration from your blog. Keep on cookin' Nancy!!

I'm happy to have been a catalyst for Away with Words, but the inspiration is all yours! Thanks for the gratitude and the mention.

Thanks for the thanks--a bit late, but I've only just found that you were grateful for my blog! I'm grateful for it too, but for all the wrong reasons (procrastination, egocentrism, etc.). Thanks to you for yours.

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

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