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November 19, 2006


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cacique (ca-SEEK-ay) is CHEESE! que unfortunate crossover (?!) for underwear!

Thanks for another link, Nancy!

Just to clarify... I'm not entirely won over by the name. I do encourage companies to take risks with their names - but I would also suggest that risking a name that is so easily twisted into an insult against the consumer is not a tried and true business practice.

How many plus-sized women do you know that would willingly wear a shirt emblazoned with "Woman Within" in huge letters?

The name almost actively prevents discussion of the brand outside of the intended audience because those that wear it don't want to open themselves up to the comments about the name (or the connotations.)

I'm not a fan. I am, however, intrigued. With so many issues this one is fun to watch.

CB--Well, darned if you aren't right (as always!). I checked it out: yup, a brand of Mexican cheese called Cacique(r). Maybe they're the tribal chiefs of queso, quien sabe?

Tate--Thanks for your comment and clarification. I think the "T-shirt test" is a great one for any brand name...right up there with the "receptionist test" ("Hello, you've reached ____, how may I direct your call?"). If you can't say it 200 times a day without a tongue cramp or mortal embarrassment, or aren't willing to emblazon it on your chest, it's not a viable name.

Cacique was already an underwear name once before: a sub-brand of The Limited, which had its brief heyday (pun only slightly intended!) 10-15 years ago.

KSH--The Limited used to own Lane Bryant (along with Victoria's Secret and several other brands), so that explains the Cacique connection. I was going to mention it in the post, but the genealogy was already pretty convoluted.

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