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October 20, 2006


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What a wonderful post on the differences in how we think and express ourselves.

I have an exercise where I ask people to draw a picture as well. In it I am helping people understand what some of their barriers are to simply trying a creative process.

Your friend's exercise as part of a naming initiative sounds very interesting.

But back to your main point - "I'd love to welcome visual thinkers to my world". Uniting visual thinkers and verbal thinkers could create a beautiful planet!

Thanks for offering up this conversation for the rest of us.

I first came upon this method in the late 80s, of understanding how children learn to perceive reading by looking at flat letters from all angles. It helped to explain why alphabet blocks encouraged early readers to hold the letters and see them, feel them, know them from all angles before placing them down on paper. We would walk our dirt driveway each morning to the mailbox and let my daughter draw giant letters on the ground with a stick, then jump on them as she recited each one. Great fun! Later on, my daughter, a second grader in public school, was in a new reading program that used, pictures, video, sound tapes and computer models to learn reading. She excelled then the program was shut down due to spending limitations. Then later, a friend's son was diagnosed with a math learning problem because he could not read spacial letters and numbers but could enjoy math verbally. Once he was retrained to understand that numbers were symbols like letters, he was able to advance 3 years in school. We all learn from different planes on differnet timetables... pardon the pun.

Thanks for a great article!

My clients are architects and designers, and most of them have problems with writing (although they are extremely eloquent and persuasive when presenting orally).

As a result, I have been using graphic diagrams for years. I used to hate PowerPoint presentations, but I use Apple's "Keynote" with photos and diagrammatic models (with the "build" feature) to illustrate specific concepts and facilitate discussion.

The response has been terrific....

This is a relief that someone wrote a comprehensive work about the visual thinker as writer. At 9 I wrote a 500 page story and another 250 pager on the heels of the former.
I knew I had some sort of talent but I wasn't sure exactly what kind! I have returned to writing in recent years and always thought--knowing strongly verbal people--that something was missing. I still enjoy writing alot--1700 pages of MSS for one story but have a sneaking suspicion that I am more of a visual thinker. Now that I go back and read some of my work, it is spelled out quite like a blanket covering a table instead of a clear and consise "runner". I literally hated doing research papers and got tired just thinking about writing and having to 'zip' the whole thing up in the tightest way possible. I berated myself for years about being lazy! Anyway, can you point me toward more of these kinds of articles? I will continue writing and someday--just maybe:) I might have to carve out my own genre--think graphic novel. Most of the time people are forced to overcome difficulty and rarely something that the masses enjoy comes out of it.

Thank you,
Patricia McChesney
Chicago, Illinois

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