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August 11, 2006


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This happens to me a lot too. Although not to the extent of advertising on Craigslist for 'free' copy. But a lot of people will say: we'll draft something and then you can tidy it up. My response is to quote a rate per word for editing that is very close to my rate for writing original copy and then they go away and figure out the cost of their own time to produce the first draft. Sometimes they slink away and don't call back. Another client request is to ask for a case study and then ask if I can rewrite it as a press release and web copy for no extra money. My view is that different media require different styles and approaches. I have no problem with reducing the price on subsequent treatments if I don't have to do the research again but these rewrites aren't 'free' for me. Because I tend to charge on a fixed price per word basis I guess I open myself up to these kinds of maneuvres from clients trying to get the most value for their money. It can be quite frustrating to explain how the writing business works - and the blog is part of that - but ultimately, I think, you're better off without this client. As an old colleague of mine put it: let them impoverish our competitors.

If the client doesn't have the money for a good writing job, you can be sure he also doesn't have any money budgeted for keeping the site fresh.

He's well on the way from start-up to didn't-make-it.

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