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August 21, 2006


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As someone who took a couple of quarters of German in order to know nouns well enough to type my German major boyfriend's papers for him in college (no wonder I ended up eventually divorcing him...) I love your "prose so liberally capitalized that it appears to be translated directly from the German" line.

And thank you for getting the title capitalization rule much more firmly in my head. I'm always forgetting it.

You are so right to call this one. It's really, really common and very irritating. One of my clients, a large well-known software company, insists on capitalising so many words, including common English words like partner. The result is that the text is much harder to read. Capitalising job titles, in particular, is odious. I've ended up making up job descriptions rather than use the job title that interviewees give me in order to get round their vanity. One chap gave me his job title and it ran to fifteen words!

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