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July 28, 2006


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Thank you for enlarging my book awareness. Plus it is always a kind of window into a person to see what they are reading and hear what they think about what they reading. Thanks for the personal disclosure.

Regarding Talking Right; your review made me think of what my Green and Hebrew teachers always told us about translation and interpretation. A text without a context is just a pretext.

Thanks for offering up valuable conversation via your blog.

Actually, I think the "Secret Universe of Names" is closer to numerology, the study of number and letter vibrations.

Ancient systems like numerology and astrology are really just antediluvian decoder manuals. They persist because we humans weren’t born with a how-to handbook on life.

Whether this particular author got the “facts” straight is a matter of debate. But books like 'Secret Universe' build a bridge between forgotten beliefs and the public discourse... and manage to be very entertaining reads as well.


Thanks for highlighting.


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