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July 06, 2006


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the popularity of the Top Ten list is akin to the preference of many business audiences and self-help book readers to have boundaries around even the ineffable as it if can be captured and categorized - thus the proliferation of "Seven Secrets to... and "Three-Step..." etc.

Visiting your web site and blog at the suggestion of mutual friend, Adrienne Gans has been such a delight I signed up to receive your blog comments.
Perchance you heard the Michael Krasny interview today of Jeff on his new book, think it is Talking right

... another fan

I love that joke of Judy Tenuta's: "My mother said I would never amount to anything because I always procrastinate. I replied 'just wait'".

Actually, the item 'Always leave them wanting something more' was number 9, not number 10 as you suggest. There was no item ten in the ten-point list. At the risk of ruining a joke by explaining it, that was the joke.

Got me there, Matthew! I believe this phenomenon is called "inattentional blindness," famously documented in the study called "Gorillas in Our Midst." People intent on watching a basketball game simply didn't see a man in a gorilla suit walk across the court.

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