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March 13, 2015


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There's also a No Name seafood restaurant in Boston, founded in 1917, but I don't know anyone who eats there. (We all go to Legal's for seafood. That would also make for a fun naming post.)

At least when you say you're going to the No Name Cafe people know it's a proper name, identifying a specific place of business. We have two restaurants in town with (I think) terrible names. One is called "The Cafe" and one is called "Another Place."

"Let's go to another place for lunch today." "OK -- where do you want to go?"
"Let's go to the cafe today." "Which one?"

Here in Canada, the giant Loblaws supermarket chain has had a "no name" brand of groceries since 1978:


There is also the Japanese Muji (無印) chain - although that might be closer to No Brand than No Name.

And No Name, the Bay Area radio DJ...

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