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April 01, 2014


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Betabrand is the same company that once claimed that it released a new product each Tuesday at noon. You knew the product was available when you heard their citywide siren alert customers. ;)

For the InContinental

This is funny, but is it really that much of a joke? As an occasional (grandchildren's) diaper-changer, I'm well aware of the improvements in disposable diapers, and we're only a few retired boomers away from a huge market in these -- for nighttime, when it's just too much trouble to stumble to the bathroom yet again? For a long flight? Several years ago, "Grey's Anatomy" had a young surgeon wearing diapers in the O.R. for a long procedure, and of course there's the astronaut angle -- including the astronaut stalker who wore her NASA diapers so she wouldn't have to interrupt the pursuit of her rival. Sandra Bullock must have been wearing the latest version in "Gravity," and she looked pretty good, no? April Fool or not, it could be a good investment...

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