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January 02, 2014


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Passion, which I call the "P Word", has been my peeve since people started using it in the late 90's. I remember attending a retirement party for one of our company executives in 1999 or so, and *cringed* when the CEO, a man I greatly admire, described the retiree's "passion" for the work. And my revulsion for the term has only increased.

If I read an article which uses the P word, I stop reading.
To me, the ubiquitous use of 'passion' represents in a nutshell, the decline of precise language in favor of describing feeling and impression. It's a side affect of political correctness.

This modern usage of passion describes nothing more than a level of enthusiam at best, melodrama at worst; nothing about ability, knowledge, reasoning, organization. Outside of religious experience or romance, I see little use for the word.
I proselytize about this without much success. So many people just don't think about using concise or succinct language. I talked to my best friend about it, and he slapped his forehead "I never thought of it that way. Of course! It's rediculous." He even convinced his girlfriend to stop using the word. Just two small successes in my campaign.
And "reach out" UGH! People at my company use that way too often.
Thank you for letting me rant!

I'm with you on passionate, where I'm from "Passionate People, Passionate Places" was used to promote the region so local businesses could use it on their business so if they are a baker they would have a 'Passionate about baking' logo, if they were a toilet cleaning company they would have 'Passionate about cleaning toilets'

My point is when companies say they are passionate about things they aren't really, the employees probably couldn't give a damn, an if they were ACTUALLY passionate about what the company sells I'd think they were frankly a bit sad.

One other word you mentioned 'disrupt' usually makes my blood boil when I hear people using it

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