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July 08, 2013


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Back in the dark ages some friends and I came up with two drinks with vodka and anisette. The two liquors naturally separate and when ice cubes are added the anisette turns cloudy. We added blue and red curaçao respectively. The curaçao mixed evenly between the two other components so we had a clear blue or red layer and a cloudy one. We named them the Crush Depth* and Caesar's Blood. Both beautiful looking drinks but they tasted awful.

*Crush depth is a rating of submarines. It is the depth below which the sub is not guaranteed to resist being crushed by external pressure.

Fascinating. In my brief tenure as Ms. Barstool, I have been amazed at the many interpretations of classic cocktails and the endless "twists" to a particular drink. It's kind of the wild west out there in the world of mixology.

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