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May 09, 2013


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Isn't there a "gitch gitchy gitchy" in the backup to the Coasters' "Little Egypt"? (Or is it something else entirely, as so often is the case with lyrics?)

Jan: "She did the hoochie-coochie real slow"?

"Gooch, goochie or gootchie was apparently already a term in the American South for a woman's vagina, and hoochie coochie has been suggested as referring directly to sex."

See also Online Etymology Dictionary:

I'm a life long sw Ontarian and the word I use is gitch. As in, "the worst part of tipping the canoe this morning, was having to sit in my wet gitch all day until we could make camp." (I was a canoe guide for a few summers and sitting in wet glitch all day could lead to "gitch itch.")

I'm also from SW Ontario - born and raised here. Gitch and gotch (and gotchies) are very well known terms in this area, I'd say. I've never heard the terms ginch and gonch, though.

Wonder if the "-ies" usage is related to the Yiddish "gotkes," a word I always heard used for underwear.

Jessica: I couldn't find gotkes in any Yiddish-language references, but it would make perfect sense given the (supposed) Ukrainian etymology.

UPDATE: But there are a bunch of cites for "gatkes," aka "old-man underwear." http://thomer.com/yiddish/#G
And also "gatchkes":

I'm from Nova Scotia, and my Mom always called my brother's underpants "gonchies".

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