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April 30, 2013


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So if 2/3 of your employees are not "fully engaged" (to use business-speak) or "turned on" by your major corporate change, maybe, just maybe, you haven't done something right. Such as, oh, I dunno, communicated effectively? (At the very least; on the other hand, perhaps the change isn't quite as great as the guys & gals in the corner offices think it is.)

Two thoughts:

McCann's "Truth well told" still takes the cake. I love its logo:

I'm enjoying the various shift in meanings when adjectives are nominalized (rather, nounified):
Speak true to power
Beauty is true
I swear to tell the true and nothing but the true
The true hurts
The true shall set you free
True is stranger than fiction

And, the most telling:
You can't handle the true

The one-third/one-third/one-third line strikes me as an exquisitely cruel way of putting all the employees in a state of maximal anxiety. Put in forty unpaid extra hours a week? Flatter the boss? Snitch on fellow-employees' real or concocted misdeeds? Why, sure--anything to avoid being grouped with the two-thirds marked for elimination as clueless or insufficiently enthusiastic. Feh.

This must be how nature protects us. Much like poisonous mushrooms are often brightly colored to warn us away, a company that makes such imperious declarations of their own smugness speaks volumes to me.

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