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April 16, 2013


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Re verbs-as-nouns, I don't mind reveal as a noun. Ask and solve have perfectly serviceable noun counterparts - request and solution. But "revelation" for reveal carries other connotations and is just way too formal for most situations; unveiling doesn't work either. Bring on the reveal!

I agree with Jessica -- I hear "the reveal" as a deliberate allusion to either a stage magic act (not sure where I got this) or a plot twist in a suspenseful movie. Sometimes a little precious, especially when used in a business/marketing context, but often OK. Definitely not as bad as the others.


Also, i'm not usually that sensitive about grammar, but something about the increasingly common "substituted with" mistake in that Clio image (instead of "replaced with") really grates on me. Maybe because it seems like the writer's deliberately showing off a little by using the bigger word, so when they can't even use it correctly...

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