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February 08, 2013


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Ecwid sounds as if it ought to have something to do with horses, donkeys, and/or zebras. I did think the logo might be a shopping cart, but I couldn't put it together with the name.

With µBiome, the pronunciation conundrum is multiplied by the use of colour in the logo—once I've considered all the possibilities for the µ/u, am I supposed to say "biome" or "bio me"?

And I wonder how White Dental Supply got its confusing original name, although if their explanation for "Pitooey!" is that it's "the language of penguins," then maybe they think "dental supply" is some sort of traditional hippopotamus benediction or something.

Q. Pheevr: "You bio me? I bio you!"

Ecwidean geometry?

The Ecwid logo upside down is a pretty good Teddy Roosevelt face, by the way.

Smorn sounds to me more like a blend of smut and porn. Rather unfortunate.

Plus many typefaces (including the one I initially read this in) make “Smorn” look an awful lot like “Smom”.

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