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January 31, 2013


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Ha! That works pretty well, especially because of the URL match. Reminds me of a funny commercial last year where a woman says to a family member, "Shut the front door!" I don't recall the product, so I guess it wasn't that effective. Have you ever done a posting on frickin', frikken, freaking, F'n, F'ing, fragging (which was the euphe-cuss used in the old "Lobo" comic books), - you know what I mean - with the spread of fracking we're due for an analysis of that one.


Lobo also used the colorful epithet "Bastitch", which I thought was a good one, as it's a two-fer.

Mark: I'm guessing you don't watch "What Not to Wear." "Shut the front door!" is one of co-host Stacy London's favorite catchphrases.

Also loved the language in Troublemaker! Booking.com commercial gets it right--there's always that moment of relief/terror when you turn the key (or insert the card). So much hinges on what's behind that door.

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