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November 30, 2012


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Call me a prescriptivist, but maybe if people used "whom" correctly more often it wouldn't seem stilted. (Every time I check my Twitter timeline I see the helpfully incorrect "who to follow" suggestions.) This headline seems to me the best way to say what the writer wanted to say.

@Chronsnyder: I happen to think "whom" should die a quiet death, but if someone feels compelled to use it, at least s/he should be aware of appropriate register. In the context of the ad -- and of Twitter -- "whom" just sounds prissy. And there's always a clear and grammatical alternative.

It's been pointed out that the interceptor missiles are used to take out attacking missiles that are headed for populated areas. Other attacking missiles are allowed through.

Although the interceptor missiles cost on the order of $50k, the money saved by not allowing them to reach populated areas with the resultant destruction of lives and property far outweighs the cost of the defensive missile.

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