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August 24, 2012


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» Birdier than thou from dustbury.com
Nancy Friedman was not overly impressed with the name of this indoor miniature-golf operation in the East Bay. Then again, I laughed my fool head off, which I suppose justifies fool as an adjective. The name? Although their explanation ad... [Read More]


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Morsel is perfect!

For Gram, I think the emphasis on lightness in the tagline and the typography reinforces the connection to the (small) unit of mass. The logo also suggests "diagram" to me, and "telegram" is apropos (in a somewhat retro way) for a communication device.

As for the delivery service, I wonder if they ever considered calling themselves Shprintze?

Q Pheever: Mazel tov -- Shprintze.com is available!

Perhaps I've been overly whelmed of late, but I laughed myself silly at "Subpar."

Okay, maybe I was already silly.

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