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May 07, 2012


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Wow, amazing. I can think of a few things I might need a consultant's help with - figuring out what I *want*, however, is not among them.

I think I might want to engage the services of a wantologist, but I'm not sure. How can I find out?

On a (marginally) more serious note, the name Want-ology seems to me to be not just another productive application of the -ology suffix, but more specifically an echo of ontology (an area of philosophy "which relates to the being or essence of things, or to being in the abstract"—I'm quoting the OED here because I don't really understand what it is that ontologists do, or think about, or are).

I am reminded, not entirely sure why, of this thot by Michael Lewis:

"One of the many things I dislike about being a grown-up is the compulsion to have a purpose in life. People are forever asking you why you are doing whatever you happen to be doing and before long you succumb to the need to supply an answer. The least naturally ambitious people can have ambition thrust upon them in this way. Once you’ve established yourself as a more or less properly functioning adult, it is nearly impossible to just go somewhere and screw off."

(Which, let us note, is slightly disingenuous, given that Michael Lewis has been wildly successful in at least two careers so far. Still.)

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