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May 02, 2012


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» Too cool for vowels from dustbury.com
Nancy Friedman discovers an eatery, but not how to pronounce its name: STK is a new-style steakhouse thats set up shop in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York. The website has video but no voiceover, so I cant tell yo... [Read More]


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Or, as my Jewish friends would say, "Oh my YHWH!"

I just called STK and the woman who answered the phone said "Ess Tee Kay." And then laughed when I told her why I had called.

I once knew of a district official in Vienna was named Srp. I don't think he was consonant deficient as much as he was syllabic-r enabled. And Slavic.

Looks like they were all caught in the midst of screaming while they were disemvowelled.

It seems Madonna is in on it too, with her new album titled MDNA, though not coincidentally it's also suggestive of ecstasy (aka MDMA).

RUBR is, of course, the product's RUBRK.

That STK website looks like they are advertising "bring your high priced call girl here for dinner."

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