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March 26, 2012


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Does each of these companies has a resident Brit on its staff who’s paid to contribute (CON-tribute, that Brit might say) across-the-pond lingo to lend a high-toned air to the proceedings?

Compare upscale menswear catalogs that talk of "suitings" and "shirtings," to imply the customer is selecting material for a custom-tailored garment, even when all concerned know the item in question is off the rack. Someone years ago parodied this with an ad for "our exclusive sockings."

@rootlesscosmo: From my years as a retail copywriter I recall that "suiting" means something distinct from "suits." Suits are sold as indivisible ensembles--jacket + trousers, jacket + skirt--while "suiting" refers to pieces sold separately that can be assembled into a suitlike outfit. (This is helpful for women especially: we frequently wear different sizes top and bottom.)

"Socking," however, is just hilarious.

Dictionaries (see http://www.wordnik.com/words/suiting) back up rootlesscosmo's suggestion that suiting is the cloth from which your (perhaps bespoke) suit is made.

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