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March 14, 2012


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The Stone women were Golo fanatics back in the day ... Meanwhile, GOLC to me is nearly identical to GULC, the Georgetown University Law Center, of which I am an alumna. And when I was at GULC, we all bemoaned the clumsiness of the name, wondering why we couldn't be a law SCHOOL instead of a law CENTER. GOLC is no less clumsy.

And brava for raising the descriptiveness issue!

I can't see anything but the famous "plastic gun", that favorite of Jack Bauer and many others, the Glock, often paired with the descriptor based on the number of bullets per clip, i.e., Glock 17, Glock 19 - up to the Glock 34! - the main reason gunfights go on so long in movies these days.


Glock has an interesting, bold tagline, too: "Perfection". Are there any one-word taglines that you like?

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