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March 21, 2012


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I love this (for obvious reasons)! I was also delighted to follow your links to your previous posts on naming -- nominology, as I've named it. It sounds like we've had a lot of similar thoughts about that. Here's an article I wrote about criteria for good names: http://messymatters.com/nominology

Thanks, @bmndr! Actually, there's already a name for the study of names: onomastics.

"Verbability"--one of your criteria--may be the holy grail for companies, but it's legally undesirable. For trademark purposes, a brand name should always be used as an adjective and only an adjective. Of course, if your *customers* want to verb your name, let them at it -- but the owner of a trademark should beware diluting the mark by using it as a verb. I wrote about brand-name verbing in 2009: http://bit.ly/3oofjy

I'm impressed that you know the term "onomastics"! I was set straight on that as soon as that article was posted, though I still like "nominology".

Good point about verbability but I'm going to file that under "problems to fantasize about". :)

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