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January 26, 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "To Contact" in 1918?:


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Nice catch, Nancy. I've come across many such anachronisms in period or historical fiction, and they make my teeth curl - often to the point of closing the offending book forever. For DA, though, I just have to make an exception.

PS: "Reach out" - blech.

As I read this, I suddenly remembered a bit of dialogue from the 1980 movie "Saturn 3"; my husband and I joked about for years.

Benson (Harvey Keitel): "No taction contact."
Alex (Farah Fawcett): "You mean, 'Don't touch'?"

I have the entire Series 2 and do not wish to steal the cherry out of the chocolate, but listen during the opening scene of Episode 8, when Thomas accuses someone of "sucking up". Would that have been used then?

@Duchesse: The OED has "to suck up to" (curry favor, toady to) as early as 1860, when it appeared in a dictionary of slang. I assume it had already been in circulation for several years before then. So yes -- it would have been acceptable in 1918 or so.

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