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November 09, 2011


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And I was hoping Recurly would give me insight on how to style my daughters' hair ... My god, these just suck! Bad from a trademark perspective, embarrassing to utter in public, and for several, difficult from a SEO perspective as well.

Nice little video--thanks for posting it.

In the late 40's, the jazz pianist and teacher Lennie Tristano had among his first students the alto saxophonist Lee Konitz (who's still alive and playing.) Very much in the hipster style of the period (which included being fluent in the vocabulary of psychoanalysis) they recorded tunes with the titles "Sound-Lee" and "Subconscious-Lee," the latter using the chord changes of "What is this Thing Called Love?" (a song title that positively cries out to be re-punctuated.)

Not very relevant, I admit.

At least a few of those names manage to be real words, too. Far too many just sound awkward, though.

I've only seen Grammarly as featured on Grammar.net (sponsor of the recent "Best Language Blogs contest). A commenter on my blog said that Grammar.net is owned by a company devoted to "creat[ing]link-baiting content and promot[ing] it in social media through viral seeding. Among the methods we use is infographics, a visual representation of information." {I.e., the "winner" badge provided on the site.) Don't know whether this means Grammarly is sketchy too, but it puts me on guard.

Hey, thanks for the blogroll listing! I was just out trolling for naming stories called "The Name Game" when I came across - Vidly!


It says, "Build your own YouTube." I'll have to check that out!

I ADORED the jotly video. Sounded like three of my last five briefings.

I can't think of ly without remembering this bit from the Electric Company. http://tinyurl.com/2bzkm26

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