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August 18, 2011


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I dislike these. Intensely.

Another "nomics" firm: Auctionomics. Stanford offshoot born 2006-7, perhaps slightly more deserving of the suffix given its purview and the rumored Nobel candidate (Paul Milgrom) on the company masthead. Maker of custom software solutions for complex auctions.

I don't know if you have timelines for these, but my unscientific guess is that bit.ly has been around longer than many of these. I further guess that their interest in the .ly domain is not _just_ the grammatical possibilities, but the fact that that's as short a domain name as you can get, and of course bit.ly is all about short names. (?)

Basing a business identity in a country that criminalizes speech — what could possibly go wrong?

The same is true for India and its .IN domains, which place users (not just domain owners) at risk of criminal penalties for activities that are not considered crimes in the United States.

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