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January 05, 2011


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Haha, as they say in math, "For some definitions of lifetime."

As an aside, I note that even Nordstrom stopped using "semi-annual," a term that has a venerable history with that company, and went with "twice-yearly." My pet theory, entirely unsupported by any, you know, facts, is that people don't get the difference between "semi-annual" and "biannual," so Nordstrom* switched terms.

* In keeping with the vernacular, I should of course refer to them as "Nordstrom's." But I won't. :-)

Mike: My Twitter pal @Jmccyoung pointed out that TA's target market is obviously http://www.ehow.com/list_6647594_list-insects-6_month-life-spans.html

Maybe they were being funny. I once wrote copy for a retail mall, and we announced a big "Christmas In December" sale.

But it wasn't much of a hit, I must say.

You're all over-thinking this. Take it at its most obvious level, and it clearly states that while Territory Ahead holds this event two times a year, a shopper can take advantage of it only once. After which, presumably, the shopper is taken out and shot or otherwise put out of commission.

It could be they're in a horror story where everyone who uses it mysteriously dies within six months

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