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August 11, 2010


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Before "Booty Call," surely KC and the Sunshine Band had something to do with bringing 'booty' into the main stream of the English lexicon?

Q. Pheevr: I had completely forgotten about "Shake Your Booty" (1976). And now it's an earworm I shall pass along to all my readers:

I was a little surprised to come across the word "booty" used in a show on the Disney Channel. I hasten to add that the kids were watching it, not me, but I think it might have been "Hannah Montana", which is aimed chiefly at "tweens" (kids up to thirteen).

That would seem to indicate that the word has crossed over into mainstream use when describing the buttocks. I'd think that "booty call" and so on are still too strong for Disney, though.

This is bootiful! Great post, Nancy!

I wonder if "booty" has any connection with the "boot" of a car? They both are in the same location relative to the body.

Nick: The automotive sense of "boot" (= luggage compartment) comes from the footwear sense. In both cases the word means "a protective covering." It's unrelated to "booty."

In computer lingo, "to boot" is a truncation of "to bootstrap." This sense gained currency around 1980.

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