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July 07, 2010


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At least they got "home-made" close. There used to be (still is?) a billboard on I-55 in Illinois for a small-town cafe that advertised "ho-made pies."

At least they didn't spell it "barbeque." I can live with the whimsical spelling of Bar-B-Que, but if the whimsy is gone, spell it "barbecue." Thanks for the impetus for a rant I've been dying to express in this, the season of grilling.

What'yer complainin' about, Nancy? At least there's an apostrophe -- or d'ya think that was an accident?

And what I really want to know is, how's the 'que? I'll forgive anything at a good pit.

Duchesse: Can't help you there. I've never eaten at Looney's, nor have I seen or heard a review.

One wonders...is the owner's name "Loony" or "Looney?" Enquiring minds want to know.

AlexandraFunFit: It's Looney. Follow the link in the first sentence of the post.

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