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July 27, 2010


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And then there's the T-Mobile G1 Android phone, billed as smarterer, connecteder, and funnerer. http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=628

Weirdest of all is the Old Spice Matterhorn superlative: freshershist.

Sounds like the ad industry is finally catching on to the effect Joss Whedon had on the now 28 to 35 year old demographic of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly fans, who probably think these ads are more clever and cute than you do.

Have to think of this after morninger coffee.

Oooh, what do you mean? I was a Buffy and Firefly fiend, but I don't get your reference!

And did you hear, Whedon was just announced as the director for the upcoming Marvel-saga-unifying "Avengers" movie.

I read it first as, "where closet friends get...".

I just heard the charming aphorism "Bro's before ho's."

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