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May 07, 2010


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I can immerse myself in your links. My favourite was when my sister, a copywriter for a famous dept store, wanted to call a colour Menstrual Mauve. She was overruled but she and a friend slipped in Chicklit.

When my father was a Kaiser-Frazer car dealer in the fifties, the company invented a color called "Caribbean Coral." The color was very popular, but most people spent their time debating the proper pronunciation of the word "Caribbean." Emphasis on the second or third syllable?

I really like the names that Deborah Lippman gives her nail polish line (lippmanncollection.com). She's a singer, so she often uses titles of great songs, like "Night and Day" or "Call Me Irresponsible." She has great color descriptions, too -- "vivacious violet," "pink melon melange," "mood ring blue/green (shimmer)."

While researching a company I'm trying to land as a client, I found this company's great list of colors for their cars:


Make mine a Plum Lucky!

Go to autocolorlibrary.com and look up Dodge and Plymouth's 1970 colors for some neat stuff.

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