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March 24, 2010


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So brilliant, and I'm delighted if not surprised to see Trader Joe's leading the pack. Their Fearless Flyer has always provided hours (well, minutes) of amusement.

I love that tissue box! Each part made me think right away of instances when I had to use tissue like that, especially the last one. It's just so universal and relatable. Really good stuff.

Makes me appreciate the product, smart!

I love that plane! Even if such a great concept were allowed to exist here, I bet the TSA would insist on whiting out all the lettering--you know, so the terrorists couldn't figure out where the co-captain sits.

I don't normally shop at Trader Joe's but I think I will go just for the tissue. Thank you for sharing. I love it.

I so get your 'need to read' which started for me at an early age. I absolutely had to read the cereal box while I was eating my cereal and today, I don't do breakfast without the morning paper. I love your examples - especially the tissue box. So much more interesting and smile provoking than Costco's bland designs and less than exciting colors.

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