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January 07, 2010


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I'm puzzled as to what on earth they thought it meant.

@James: A cooler, briefer way to say "sophistication"?

1976-77, 10th grade Honors English with Mr. Sexauer: "Sophistry - an unsound series of clever-sounding reasoning." And yes, may he rest in peace, his name WAS pronounced "sex hour."

Do you have a Sexhaurer here?
Sex hour? We barely get a coffee break.

I know it's ancient.

Maybe they're selling beauty that's only facially persuasive.

@Tim H: Have we run into each another at the movies?

Oh but it DOES.... one of the meanings of sophistry is "lack of imagination"!!!!!!

Keep well


I'd call this misstep a triumph for a different brand: Sephora. Surely they're aiming for an echo of that company's image?

(Gratuitous baby name note -- Sephora is a form of Zipporah.)

Good point, Laura. I was so caught up in the inappropriate meaning that I didn't think about the sound of the word!

Yeah, the Sephora quasi-homonym occurred to me too.

For some reason my mind raced to the scene in Princess Bride where the giant says something like, "I don't think it means what you think it means."

Thanks for sharing what you think and see along the way.

Keep creating...a zig and a zag,

Mike W: Yep, I'm a Princess Bride fan, too. (For the clip in question, see the link in Tim H's comment, above.)

Laura, if the Sophistry folks were thinking "Sephora," then another movie quote comes to mind, one I rely on all the time from "Blazing Saddles": "The common clay of the New West - you know, morons."

(Do I get bonus points for Zipporah being my Hebrew name?)

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