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November 10, 2009


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Annunciator? That's a new one on me. It seems to me that a simpler term, one that's understood by everyone, would be a wiser choice.

I'd feel a lot more safe during an emergency if a choir of angels led me to safety. Also: I once wrote a song in which I rhymed "hosannas" with "driving me bananas." Also: you might enjoy my blog post on how Tony Hawk names his skateboard tricks, as revealed at last week's taping of "Wait Wait" in Pasadena: http://twurl.nl/bensrb.

I've seen it before; apart from the religious interpretation, I think it also has a bad sci-fi (and not SyFy) ring to it: "Major, activate the annunciator!"

That's such a clever idea! Since no one knows what an Annunciator is, the hospital doesn't have to worry about unenlightened people messing with the fire alarm.

I would have thought "announcer" would suffice, but it seems that's particular to people (an announcer is a person who announces). The electronic device term even sounds sci-fi appropriate, as Jessica mentioned above!

I know it's a board and "alarm" indicates more of a sound, but I keep coming back to alarm...

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