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July 07, 2009


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That's odd, I used to post my old rock band videos at panjea.com (not pangea.com, of course).

And seeing doubleTwist compared to DoubleTwist only reminds me of those funny boom days at marchFIRST, and how no press outlet anywhere, in the tech world or the financial, ever got that capitalization juuuuuust right.

Not to mention, the aptly named DoubleTwist mascara: http://www.revlon.com/ProductCatalog/ProductDetails.aspx?CategoryID=3&SubCategoryID=12&ProductID=193

DoubleTwist (with any capitalization) just reminds me of Double Mint gum.

OMG this post takes me back! I worked on doubletwist.com back in early 2000, before they moved to the I.Magnin building. It's neat to see that the name has lasted beyond the company's demise.

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