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February 18, 2009


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You'd be right about the "probably". I'm pretty sure certainty is a core tenet of Atheism.

And how much do we love Pammy Bean :D

Very nice compilation. Funny I read about akimbo right here, right now - just less than 12 hours ago I was asking the husband why we call akimbo akimbo!

rofl@twitter circa 1649! Thanks for the wonderful links :)


I was quite old before I learned that "akimbo" means hands on hips. I'd always thought it meant arms folded across chest.

Hey, comments are back! Woo-Hoo!

Karen: There really *should* be a word for "arms folded across chest," but I don't think there is one (in English, anyway).

Comments never went away; I just re-instituted comment moderation.

Thanks for the mention! I just emailed you yet another "atheist" ad posted on our New Orleans' streetcars. Perhaps they should have saved their money until the Lent they don't believe in anyway...there's a wee bit of Mardi Gras drinking going on now in the city. Don't think too much attention being paid to moving ads.

Thanks, Christa! Definitely a candidate for the Unclear on the Concept Award. Here's the link for the rest of you (second item in post): http://christaallan.com/things-that-make-you-go-bleech/

>I'm pretty sure certainty is a core tenet

Probably not.

Certainty is certainly elusive, if not impossible. A scientific perspective would argue nevertheless that an evaluation of the evidence would certainly indicate a high probability, sufficient to conclude conditionally, that there is no supreme being. No true scientist claims to be immune to new contrary evidence, of course, so a thoroughly dispositive conclusion may never be within reach.


"You'd be right about the "probably". I'm pretty sure certainty is a core tenet of Atheism."

There are no "core tenets" of atheism: that's a pretty basic misunderstanding of it. Atheists are people who don't believe in a God, not adherents to any common belief about anything else. Whether they are certain there is no God or not is irrelevant to whether or not they are an atheist.

I Absolutly loved reading this i Honestly never knew akimbo meant hands on the hips lol

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