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August 19, 2008


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I just googled "plutonic ideal." 255 hits, including a disturbing number of references to people's "plutonic ideal of beauty." Evidently many people wish to hook up with someone who looks like a cartoon dog, or possibly someone who is small and icy, with an eccentric orbit, who thinks they're a planetary celestial body, but really aren't.

The thesis expressed in your quotation from Blubet, with its reference to "a hidden sexual desire or chemistry that secretly sparks between them," actually resonates rather nicely with the OED's definition of the geological sense of the word 'plutonic': "Pertaining to or involving the action of intense heat at great depths upon the rocks forming the earth's crust; igneous."

Further to Q. Pheevr's point, I suspect that the "plutonic" relationships may actually source back to "plutonium" and not "pluto" (neither former planet nor dog). My evidence is that like plutonium, platonic relationships have half lives.

I'm going to start using "plutonic" to describe relationships with people I no longer consider friends--people I've grown apart from.

I'm mixing mythologies, but Orpheus and Eurydice eventually had to settle for a Plutonic relationship.

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