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April 25, 2008


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Could be worse: the link could be munged...

Wait a minute, the others do not have links..?? Hmmm, that whole page seems poorly organized, as does the homepage.

Definitely not the best of the best of the best...


What's a "munge"?

I think it's a STUNNING page.

Maybe the proprietor doesn't get to update it often, and hates having loads of dead links (since blogs going belly-up at an alarming rate).

This way we get to enjoy the names, without the dead links.

Who likes links that are dead, anyway?

And, maybe he got the Fritinancy wrong because... maybe he was very tired, from a long day.

- You have a BEAUTIFUL blog and wordworker page, Nancy.

(I'd give you kudos, but I can't find the button.)


Jay: Thanks for dropping by! I guess I should be flattered that mine is the only active link on that page. Änd I agree that "Frittancy" (the misspelled version) is worthy of only a #9 ranking. "Fritinancy," on the other hand, deserves about a #3, don't you think?

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