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December 18, 2007


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Man, I've tried to sell Ken for years.

Then today, I tried ken.com and found the probable reason why it's always rejected -


That's a very powerful brand, I must admit.

I thought a unit of knowledge was a fact? Do we need another word for it?

Still, if the great G decides to call their new vehicle 'Knol', then within a year we'll not even think to question what it means. And that's a knol.

"Ken" isn't an Old English word but an English one. The verb "to ken" does come from OE "cennan", but it wasn't used as a noun till about the 16th century. The usual OE word for knowledge was "cyþþu" or "larcræft".

Widsith: my error. Í'd meant to use a lower-case "o" in "old" before English -- it's an old word in the language, but still in occasional use. Thanks for the correction.

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