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November 02, 2007


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The German term is actually "das Fahrvergnügen."

Those Germlish words look more Finnish to me.

Goofy--You're right, of course, and I made the change. I had Googled the spelling I thought I remembered, and found enough hits that I didn't search further. Can you tell that German is NOT one of my languages?

If it's pronounced "on-time’-in-leev-un," it should be spelled more like Anteiminliewen. Leiven would be pronounced "life-en."

I'm a big fan of fake Germlich ("Mein Auto ist gebroken," we say around here), but Lufthansa's totally scheissy version is calculated to irk anyone who knows any German at all.

I'm with Orange. This practice of sprinkling umlauts into words to make them look foreign, often putting umlauts over letters that never actually take umlauts, and then pronouncing the word as if the umlauts weren't there after all, is embarrassing to Americans and insulting to both Germans and language in general.

Bob and Orange: I blame Motley Crüe. For more on the heavy-metal umlaut, a k a "rock dots," see this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_metal_umlaut

A couple of those (Schnöozenseat, Nohassleböarden) appear more like diaresis marks than umlauts, which might be slightly less irritating to the German purists. (Even if they aren't used correctly in that sense, either. ;)

The heavy metal umlaut article has officially made my day, but I confess that's because I am a true believer in the Gospel according to St. Hubbins.

Jessica: Ha! Yes, lest we forget, Spinal Tap is officially spelled with an umlaut over the "n."

Das fake germann ist rooineng mein zupper. Es ist ziech-mekking.

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