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June 15, 2007


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Occasionally I wonder what I'd do without this blog. Great post, there are one or two in there that I have been a victim of.

I see far too many of these errors in print today. Wouldn't it be nice if there were regular newspaper columns devoted to this and related topics? Since many of our educational institutions, from primary school right through to university, no longer focus on teaching students to write well, posts such as this ought to be widely circulated. Please keep 'False Friends' coming.

Very cool. I followed a series of links and landed. Also small world, as in ex-Oaklander. Did I make that up? No probably plenty of Oaklanders around. Hard to remember whether you heard something before or not. I never thought about how complicated it could be to name things.

When you get to #4, please cover rein/reign. I suppose it is possible to for a powerful monarch to have free reign, but "free reign" is now used nearly all the time where "free rein" would be better. I guess it's because we all use horseless carriages now, harrumph.

What a great find this blog is and this post! I get SO tired of people misspelling and mispronouncing words. Reading this made my day.

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