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August 17, 2006


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Yes, the SOAP phenomenon generated a fascinating saga--all launched by a working title. Samuel L. Jackson on that TDS alluded to insiders working on the movie enlisting the blogosphere to help them out when they felt that the movie powers-that- be were being "pussies" about the name and other aspects of the film.

Hmmm...and I thought all of SOAP's blog hoopla came from outside the movie.

Nancy, you should weigh in on Robert Scoble's struggles with naming his upcoming video show. Love what he said in his 8/17 post:

"Like I said, committees suck all life out of projects and names. I’m almost ready to fall back on a descriptive name like “VideoShowHostedByAFatWhiteGuyWhoThinksHeIsAGeek2006.com.” You can take the boy out of Microsoft but you can’t take the Microsoft out of the boy."

That last sentence...so well said...

:: Added by Nancy: Thanks, Betsy! I'm going right over to Scoble's blog at http://scobleizer.wordpress.com

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